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本文摘要:Consider these awkward board room dynamics : A founder with to appreciate why Microsoft corp . is having trouble choosing A new chief executive为了说明微软(Microsoft Co .MSFT)在自由选择新CEO方面遇到困难的原因,必须考虑到该公司董事会内失望的情况。


Consider these awkward board room dynamics : A founder with to appreciate why Microsoft corp . is having trouble choosing A new chief executive为了说明微软(Microsoft Co .MSFT)在自由选择新CEO方面遇到困难的原因,必须考虑到该公司董事会内失望的情况。有人指出,他最了解微软的创始人Its been more than four months since Steve Ballmer announced his plans to retire . and while Microsoft has said it will pick a successor by据Steve Ballmer(Steve Ballmer)相关人士表示,微软将在2014年夏天之前不提名继任者,但该公司董事会期待在去年11月或12月之前投票选出新的首席执行官。

约翰W. Thompson,the director leading the CEO search,Says the board is methodically seeking the right person for a complex role . but corporation选拔主持人新任CEO,但该职位认识到的企业公司、管理顾问及部分低官职位,微软董事会的潜在对立正在倒退。if chairman bill gates and Mr . Ballmer stay on the board,Microsoft would be an outlier . just eight companies in the sp 500 index have two of their追踪企业高管薪酬的Equilarinc。

据透露,在PP 500指数组成部分中,只有8家公司经常在前CEO之后担任公司董事。no CEO worthy of the title wants his or her predecessors second-guessing everything in the board room,said jean-louis Gass Gass e,A formerapple (apple Inc .)的前高管,在上市公司董事会工作的Jean-Louis Gassee Microsoft Hasnt Said whether both Mr . Ballmer and Mr . gates,the companys微软方面表示,鲍尔默纳牵头创始人、去年11月股东投票决定让两人连任董事会,任期为一年,但他们可以提前卸任。


at least some external executives who discussed the CEO job with Microsoft directors have expressed concerns about being hamstrung if the two men connection outside CEO candidates know that part of what they are negotiating for is the level of engagement of Mr . Ballmer and Mr . gates once the new leading ss一位知情人士表示,外部CEO候选人卸任后,鲍尔默和盖茨的参与程度是协商内容的一部分。microsofts experience shows the challenge in crafting a role for a founder or former CEO。

having them around as a sounding board or an elder statest Can be handy-unless the arrangement devolves into squabling or a board room coup。微软的经验也指出,为创始人或前CEO定位没有困难。

作为前辈,他们重返公司董事会或董事会不对立时可以方便,但没有对立或沦为董事会政变几乎不同。Formerpfizer Inc . CEO Henry Hank McKinnell Sat on the Board Along Side His Predecessor for more than five Years,Until directors orchestratedPfizer Inc)前首席执行官麦金内尔(Henry Hank Mcker)Whats really A bad Idea is a former Ceo of your Company Staying on the board,Mr. mckinnellCEO Alan mulaly,who Has Been Considered for the Microsoft Post,Has Long lived with a Similar Power-sharing Arrangement . bill Ford Jr . is福特汽车(Ford Motor Co)首席执行官、微软CEO的首席执行官候选人之一穆拉利(Alan Mulally)长期处于类似情况,比尔福特(Bill Ford Jr)是该公司的持续执行总裁,多次兼任首席执行长,是公司的代the toppost at Microsoft seem to be particularly uneasy about Mr . Ballmer的some candidates,According to people familiar with their thinking据相关人士透露,微软的部分CEO人选似乎特别不满鲍尔默。他最近改变了微软的战略,做出了在管理层和投资者中引起争议的几个决定。ten days after the August announcement of his planned exit,Mr . Ballmer struck a $ 7.4 billion deal to buy Nokia corp . s mobile-popt TT去年8月,鲍尔默计划卸任的消息,他与诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp)达成了耗资74亿美元收购后者手机业务的交易,微软因此被抛出新领域,员工人数减少3.2万人。

去年夏天,鲍尔默被评价为推进全面的公司结构调整计划,公司内外褒贬不一。people who know him question whether Mr . Ballmer could sit by if his successor wanted to break free of his strategy or policies . it isnt clearha osoftt鲍尔默目前还不准确。如果新任CEO试图撤回巴尔默的部分要求,反对巴尔默措施的微软理事会会有什么反应。Microsoft directors have sought to delicately managemr。

ballmers role in screening CEO candidates,Said the person familiar with the matter . neither Mr . Ballmer nor Mr . gates has veto power over the这位人士表示,鲍尔默和盖茨对微软新领导人的自由选择没有“立法权”。鲍尔默和盖茨都持有微软8.3%的股份。Ballmer himself faced a similar challenge when he took over as CEO from Mr . gates in 2000。their power struggles in the early years States Mpany decisions . Microsoft director David marquardt and others stepped in,seeking to lessen teen鲍尔默在2000年接替盖茨担任首席执行官时也面临着类似的挑战。

早期他们两人之间的权力斗争造就了那家公司部分决策中断了。微软董事David Marquardt等为了缓和他们两人之间的紧张关系而插话。20世纪70年代中期,鲍尔默和盖茨是哈佛大学的室友,两人由此相识。

与Mr . gates is no wall flower either . people who have worked with him say that as chairman and a revered technologist,he can dominate board一起工作的人in an interview with the financial times published in November,Mr . gates said he expected to spend considerable time working with the next micro在11月《金融时报》(金融时报)发表的采访中,Adding to the cast of board room characters is value act capital management . the hedge fund bought more the微软董事会还将包括“价值资本管理”。该对冲基金在2013年花费超过20亿美元购买了微软股票。该基金总裁Mason Morfit今年有可能重新加入微软董事会,成为微软38年历史上第一个没有被微软董事会自由选择的董事。


relations can be rocky when an activist shareholder joins a board he previously criticized . investor William ack man quit the j . c . penner U gust after此前,他与其他董事再次以这家零售商的管理和战略发生冲突。但是,一个被忽视的例子是,在Office Depot Inc董事会重新加入维权股东代表后,去年成功地完成了与OfficeMax Inc的棘手分割交易。